TRT KPSS şartsız personel alımı yapacak! Nasıl başvuru yapılır?

TRT’nin kariyer sitesi üzerinde yayımladığı ilanda farklı alanlarda personel alınacağı bilgisi paylaşıldı. Ankara ve İstanbul’da sağlanacak olan istihdama başvurular online olarak yapılacak. Peki TRT hangi kadrolarda personel alıyor?


  1. Grafik Tasarımcısı 

  2. Senior Human Resources Business Partner (Kıdemli İnsan Kaynakları İş Ortağı)

  3. System Engineer (Sistem Mühendisi)

  4. Customer Experience and Complaint Management Specialist (English, Urdu, Arabic) – (Müşteri Deneyimi ve Şikayet Yönetimi Uzmanı)

  5. Presenter – TRT Arabi (Sunucu)

Grafik Tasarımcısı Şartları

Strateji Geliştirme Dairesi Başkanlığı bünyesinde Ankara lokasyonunda görevlendirilmek üzere Grafik Tasarımcısı olarak çalışacak personel aranmaktadır.

Görev Tanımı

  • Başkanlığımızın grafik tasarım çalışmalarını yürütmek,

  • Projelerimizde ve raporlamalarımızda gerekli olan grafikleri hazırlamak, sürekli olarak geliştirmek ve güncellemek,

  • Doküman ve sunumlarda verilmesi istenen mesaja yönelik tasarım beklentilerini anlayabilmek ve bu doğrultuda gerekli tasarımları Kurum kimlik diline uygun bir şekilde oluşturmak,

  • Gerekli durumlarda Kurum içi ve dışı videolar hazırlamak ve hareketli tasarımlar yapmak,

  • Tasarımın kullanıldığı mecranın gerekliliklerini ve özelliklerini tanımak, alandaki yenilik ve trendleri takip etmek,

  • Tasarım stili, format, baskı konularıyla ilgili danışmanlık yapmak,

  • Yaratıcı ve özgün tasarımlar, yenilikçi fikirler üretmek,

  • Talep edilen içeriği ve istenen revizyonlara göre düzenlenen versiyonlarını zamanında teslim etmek.

Kıdemli İnsan Kaynakları İş Ortağı Şartları

İstanbul’da istihdam edilmek üzere Kıdemli İnsan Kaynakları iş ortağı aranmaktadır.


  • Single point of contact for employees related to all HR processes,

  • Working closely with department managers to provide strategic HR Support in order to understand the business needs and develop customized solutions and projects,

  • Operating all HR processes such as recruitment, rotation, compensation, and talent management,

  • Analyzing large sets of data, preparing senior management reports,

  • Explaining human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards to new and existing employees,

  • Welcomes new employees to the organization by conducting orientation,

  • Maintains employee confidence and protects operations by keeping human resources information confidential.

Presenter (Sunucu) Şartları

Sunucunun görevleri öncelikle bireysel olarak veya bir ekibin parçası olarak çok çeşitli haber ve güncel olayları ekrana sunmaktır.


Presents the channel’s news output, either alone or with a colleague, with whatever that entails in terms of reading news items and lead‐ins, conducting live interviews and presenting unscripted coverage of breaking news stories as required.

Writes or edits material for programme scripts, bulletins and links, exercising editorial judgment, maintaining professional journalistic standards and adhering to station policy and legal and contractual guidelines.

Undertakes interviewing and reporting duties, under broad direction in both recorded and live situations, in studio or on location.

Prepares and presents bulletins, which may include assessing incoming copy, sub‐editing news copy and deploying the necessary resources.

Müşteri Deneyimi ve Şikayet Yönetimi Uzmanı Şartları

TRT Global streaming service tabii is looking for a Customer Experience and Complaint Management Specialist with 3+ years of experience to provide support to our Urdu-speaking users by addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and delivering exceptional customer service. This role requires fluency in English and either Urdu or Arabic and a strong commitment to user satisfaction.


·       Provide customer service support for viewers through various channels, such as social media, phone, and e-mails,

·       Address users’ inquiries, troubleshoot problems and resolve issues effectively and efficiently, aiming for first-contact resolution,

·       Maintain customer satisfaction ratings based on explicit criteria set forth by the company,

·       Serve as the front line of technical issues, outages, and escalations for digital streaming service,

·       Train users about tabii’s products, features, and services to enhance their experience,

·       Accurately document user interactions and issue resolutions in the customer support system,

·       Maintain service quality and adhere to established service-level agreements (SLA’s),

·       Collect user feedback and insights to help improve products and services.

Sistem Mühendisi Alımı

Türkiye’s Public Broadcaster Türkiye Radio and Television Corporation(TRT) is established on 1 May 1964 to provide public broadcasting services.

Today, TRT provides significant contributions to Turkish culture, arts andeducation with its 18 television channels, 17 radio channels, mobileapplications and digital platforms, and continues to reflect Türkiye’s powerand voice to the whole world with its international broadcasts in 40+languages.

We are looking for colleagues for TRT. If you want to build acareer as aSystem Engineer, we have an opportunity for you!

This position locate in İstanbul


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering or related departments,

  • Minimum of 3 years experience, preferably in the media industry or related sector

  • Working knowledge and experience in Systems Engineering or Systems Thinking.

  • Experience on Microsoft Active Directory, Domain Name Server (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Certification Autorithy (CA)

  • Experience on all phases of the SAN, NAS,ISCSI and SAN

  • Having experience in Internet Information Services (IIS), HTTP(S) and FTP

  • Teammate with highly collaborative, self-motivated, customer focused, positive, and upbeat attitude

  • Analytical, systematic, independent and willingness to take responsibility

  • Should be eager to learn and develop himself/herself on multichannel projection system design

  • Clear in communicating thoughts and ideas.

  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English,

  • Flexible and open to new perspectives,

  • A great team player with a self initiative mindset,

  • Being open to communication is always o priority.

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